After 2014 year 12 month 8 day, FXCM spreads become super cheap.

Even in the MT4 industry, I feel that the spread competition has been intensifying recently. Meanwhile, after 2014 year 12 month 8 day, the FXCM spread seems to be half the price so far. FXCM says that there are no trading restrictions, no EA restrictions ...

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CycleMarketOrder strategy

Currently, the long-term automated trading strategy that I am doing is: • Buying USDJPY • Selling EURUSD by CycleMarketOrder. Because, in the long run, the dollar will have higher interest rates and a stronger economy, while the euro will have economic indicators ...

Differences in revenue between MT4 vendors and VPS locations

Using the same EA, we measured the difference in profit between GBPTX and MT4 contractors and VPS bases. 1. ALPARI (spread 2.6pips) and domestic VPS: Total revenue 2,469 2, OANDA (spread 1.3pips) and domestic ...

Operation results up to 2014 / 10 / 03

EA operation will start at OANDA from next week. This company was headquartered in the US, and the specifications of MT4 have been US specifications so far, but this time after the time zone change: GMT + 3 (Daylight Saving Time) / GMT + 2 (Winter Time) Number of candlesticks ( Daily): 6 books → 5 books and Japanese specifications

Trade time zone to increase win rate

Looking at the trade history, it is possible to settle until 24:00 Japan time.

ALPARI and OANDA spread comparison

An important factor in operating MT4 is the spread provided by the vendor. In particular, scalping EA results are affected. Among the current MT4-provided securities companies, both ALPARI and OANDA, which seem to be the top two, are cheaper in USDJPY and EURUSD. OANDA is a GPU…

Operation results up to 2014 / 09 / 27

The yen is depreciating too much, and it has exceeded the originally planned range of 100 to 105 yen.

Operation results up to 2014 / 09 / 20

CycleCrossOrder will be operated by alpari securities and CycleTrapAsianBreak will be operated by oanda securities. +295167

Operation results up to 2014 / 09 / 13

While the yen has been depreciating, the dollar does not fall below 105 yen. Is it a phase with a range of 105-110 yen? +249578

Operation results up to 2014 / 09 / 06

The yen / yen passed the 100-105 range after a long time, and the yen depreciated. Does it feel like a trend has come out? +289466

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