Operation results up to 2014 / 08 / 30

The policy is to continue because profits are steadily generated in the current way. +159954

Operation results up to 2014 / 08 / 23

Dollar yen is in the range of 100 to 105. The current market price is a fundamental market where the currency that raised the interest rate will become stronger. But the euro is short because it is impossible. Maybe Cyclone on Contest is stable? +103157

Operation results up to 2014 / 08 / 16

Entering the Bon Festival, the stock and exchange are completely quiet. Orz not moving at all. +34367

Operation results up to 2014 / 08 / 08

CycleCrossOrder is in operation at different time periods than 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. This week moved in the direction of the yen's appreciation due to geopolitical risks that Russia would invade Ukraine. +33944

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MT4 Securities Company's word of mouth (negative)

GKFX (UK-based MT4) http://blog.livedoor.jp/zero25819-222/archives/34032034.html —– Toranoko (2013/10/01 9:24 PM) Af…

Participating in Myfxbook contest with my own EA "Cyclone"

I am participating in the Myfxbook contest that started in August. Forex Contest Squared Financial, a Forex broker sponsored, won the winner $ 5,000. Since this site is in English, there are few Japanese participants ...

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FX automatic trading is in its early days

FX自動売買は黎明期の段階だと思います。 今後、大手証券会社がFX自動売買サービスに参入してきた場合、EA(ストラテジ)の需要が高まるはずです。自分も含め、EA開発者は今のうちに、実績のあるEAを世にリリースしておけば、大手証券会社がFX自…

Operation results up to 2014 / 08 / 01

CycleCrossOrder is in operation at different time intervals than 5, 15 and 60 minutes. +17479

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Current MT4 strategy

The strategies applied to the current MT4 are as follows. ① Trap trade using CycleCrossOrder in the following currencies USDJPY (both sides) EURJPY (for sale only) EURUSD (for sale only) AUDUSD (for sale only) AUDJPY (for sale…

Developing a scalping EA combining forward tension (GBPJPY) and reverse tension (GBPUSD)

The pound currency is well known as a currency with high volatility, but we are developing a scalping EA that works in combination with logic that takes positions in the forward (GBPJPY) and reverse (GBPUSD) positions, aiming for a positive total. At Alpari JAPAN, Su ...

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