EA sales site (gogojang) profitability ranking EA dedicated to pound-yen that has won the overall NO1!

Here is an introduction of EA earning with recent pound-yen volatility.

PINBAR breakout order

● Entry pattern 1 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 2 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 3 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 4 (when all conditions are met) Entry) ● Entry pattern 1 (entry if all conditions are met) Buy ①1 front candlestick is positive line ②2 front candlestick is lower shadow (= PinBarRatio)

Observe discretionary and EA positions, and implement VerUp (V6.60) for advantageous settlement “Settlement Support-kun”.

The following functions were added. Add break even stop mode

Added function to payment support (to finish after N candles from entry)

An example of adding functions to payment support (after completing N candles from entry) I would like to make a payment in 1 hour candlestick and 5 (5 hours later) after entry. ● Parameter TejimaiPattern = 5 (to finish after N candles from entry) PassCandle = 10 (elapsed candlestick used for judgment)

Nikkei average CFD automated trading

A user asked if Nikkei average could be automated using "Payment Support-kun PRO". It is possible to use "Axiory" broker, so reference examples

“METAQUOTES Exhibit EA” Introduction Procedure

The procedure for introducing an overseas EA registered with METAQUOTES is as follows. 0, Prepare for the following introduction (skip if you have already done so). https://fx.yumokin.jp/?p=26161,? Click the product link below. ● Pro Scalp

How to purchase "Exhibition EA of METAQUOTES"

0. Since it is assumed that you have a PayPal account as a payment method, if you do not have a PayPal account, please open an account (including credit card registration). Go to https://www.paypal.com/jp/home1 and https://www.mql5.com/ and press the “Registration” button.

Pound-yen strategy using volume "YumokinVOL"

A profitable and profitable EA that uses volatility to accumulate profits.

"Settlement Support-kun PRO" installation, version upgrade procedure

Strategy developers listed at METAQUOTES regularly upgrade their own strategies. If you have purchased the corresponding strategy, you can upgrade the version according to the following procedure. (The evidence below is from Payment Support PRO.) 1. Check the updated contents from What's new on the product page.

Pound-yen loss EA “YumokinMACD”

Operational results using "Axiory" broker. It has been operating for about half a year, but it has been in good shape. As a feature, it uses “MACD” technical for entry. Also, it is a highly secure EA that is entered only when volatility occurs.

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