Box breakout order your candlestick automatic judgment mode

Box breakout order

Box breakout ordering your loss cut automatic setting mode

Box breakout order

EA is a small and profitable EA that enters only when volatility is high and accumulates profits

Introduction of "Trendline Breakout Order-kun"

ZigZag automatically draws trend lines and automatically enters after the breakout “Trendline Breakout Order-kun” l The appeal of line trade that does not rely on indicators We have tremendous confidence in technical analysis traders Chart software's MetaTrader 4 (MT4) has an attractive indicator

Added a candle stop function to “Payment Support-kun PRO” (・ ㅂ ・) و GOOD!

Scheduled to be upgraded in the near future by adding the function “Automatically set the loss cut to the highest and lowest price of the latest candlestick” to the tool “Payment Support-kun PRO” that supports payment support for systole / discretionary training positions. is. If you are a beginner of FX, you may be wondering where to place the loss cut.

"PINBAR Breakout Order-kun" provides highly accurate entry!

“PINBER breakout order-kun” provides highly accurate entry! PINBAR triggers trend change

Pyramid consideration of “Box Breakout Order-kun” (V5.20)

The following back test was conducted for the “Box Breakout Order-kun (V5.20)” strategy. Please refer to the trade. It is recommended to find the optimal parameter value according to the market situation or through backtesting.

Q & A20 (・ ㅂ ・) و GOOD!

Today we have a question from a purchaser of “Payment Support-kun PRO” that seems to be useful for FX traders. Suppose a new order is placed in three different currencies using the Q20 ordering EA. Regarding those positions

Boliban breakout order

◎ Outline of strategy ・ Breakout using Bollinger band (Please set the corresponding indicator to MT4). ・ In the case of the resistance line (2α), break from bottom to top and make a purchase entry. ・ In the case of support line (-2α), break from top to bottom and sell. ・

Box breakout order V2 (pyramid entry, interface improvement)

Major version upgrade (V1 → V2) for box breakout order support tool “Box Breakout Order-kun”. The outline is as follows. 1. Review of default setting parameters ・ Overall default setting parameters ...

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