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Automatic judgment method of whether the transaction execution mode is countdown method or market order method

◎ Overview When placing a market order from an MQL program, the transaction execution mode of the relevant securities company MT4 server needs to be changed depending on the difference between the “market method” and the “countdown method”. Specifically, in the case of the “marketing method”, placing orders and profits / losses…

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How to get version from property

There are times when you are doing strategy development and want to branch functions between the advanced version and the normal version in the same module. In order to fork the process, # prope…

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Implementation method when you want to run EA at regular intervals

◎ Function specifications EA is executed at regular time intervals instead of TICK units. ◎ Detailed specification // Initial processing int OnInit () {// Timer timer setting EventSetTimer (3600); return (0);

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How to implement currency code determination

◎ Requirements Some securities companies offer currency codes as “●●● USDJPY” or “USDJPY ●●●” character strings. ◎ Detailed specification // Currency code string declaration string…

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How to implement “Successive Loss Stop Mode”

◎ Functional specifications Acquire the total amount of profit and loss from the trading history of MT4 and stop the applicable EA if the total loss exceeds the set total loss (for example, stop the applicable EA if the total loss exceeds 10 yen) . ◎ Detailed specification XNUMX. Declaration of variable // Total loss extern…

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