Yurodol, double top on daily basis

・ EURUSD The Greek issue is finally about to reach its climax. Yurodol looks like a double top when viewed on a daily basis, so it doesn't seem to rush to around 1.05.

CycleTrapMACD_GBPJPY, which has been upgraded since June, feels good

The performance of CycleTrapMACD_GBPJPY, which has been upgraded since June, feels good. ◎ Forward test The outline of strategy is as follows. ① Swing Trade EA with a stop limit trap in the MACD direction ② Loss…

20150625 trade

・ EURUSD ADX also seems to rise, and Elder Impulse has continued in red. ・ USDJPY Long running because it is running up Boliban.

Long time to enter

・ USDJPY USGG10YR: IND US Treasury yield I found out that dollars were being bought due to an increase in the yield of 10 year, but it is good to enter at the following timing as the timing to enter long I will.

2015 / 06 / 22 trades

・ USDJPY Long because the window was filled and Boliban rebounded. The price below 122.6 yen seems to be quite firm.

For the time being, Yurador (Yakuza currency) is unnecessary.

・ EURUSD I understand that I don't want to break 1.12 even at the will. It's long in June. The next day, Merkel said, “A too strong euro makes it difficult to reform Spain and Ireland,” and Yurodor broke 1.12. Recently…

ElderImpulse trend follow type scalping EA "CycleTrapImpulse"

The trend follow-type scalping EA "CycleTrapImpulse" using the technology called ElderImpulse has been released the other day for about two weeks, but both the back test and the forward test are doing well ^^. Stop loss is also 150…

Added discretionary payment support-kun PRO function

Yesterday, we released a version upgrade (V3.9) that added the following functions in response to the needs of purchasers. 4. Automatic loss cut setting function. XNUMX. Discretion + systole position mixed settlement function. For XNUMX, in the case of MTXNUMX, the position ...

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How to get version from property

There are times when you are doing strategy development and want to branch functions between the advanced version and the normal version in the same module. In order to fork the process, # prope…

"Payment Support-kun 3" strategy

◎ Overview of strategy 1. A settlement support tool that can apply break even stop to discretionary positions. 2. The trailing roughness can be set (1pips units, 10pips units). 3. The candle judgment mode is installed. ①…

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