Yurodor short starts

・ Because it has broken down to EURUSD, the short starts.

Dollar yen short start


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Importance of copy guard (authentication system)

There is a reason why I am selling my own development strategy via fx-on. The reason is that copy guards (authentication systems that cannot use a strategy other than a set account) are in place. There are other sales sites, but developers…

I tried backtesting CycleTrapMACD99.90_SCAL_GBPJPY using TickStory which realizes modeling quality 2%

Following the previous CycleTrapAsianBreak2, we also backtested the “CycleTrapMACD2_SCAL_GBPJPY” strategy with TickStory. ◎ 2012 / 4-2015 / 6 Profit fa…

I tried backtesting CycleTrapAsianBreak99.90 using TickStory which realizes modeling quality 2%

Usually, we use the historical data downloaded from FXDD to backtest the development strategy, but since the minimum is one minute, we can't backtest in smaller ticks, and the modeling quality is 90% Dissatisfied with what can only be realized

What is price reduction?

・ USDJPY (5 minutes) If you want to update the lower price while going up and down repeatedly, you should bite the short.

The self-made strategy “Yumokin V24” in operation at Systre 2 is raging in 16 consecutive victories (^ o ^) v

・ GBPJPY In the previous article, I wrote that the self-made strategy “Yumokin V24” in operation at Systre 2 entered the top of realized profit / loss in the last three months. (^ O ^) v. Recent pound yen ...

How to install MT4 widget

1. Register as a user in Metaquotes. 2. Register the issued MetaQuotes ID in MT4. 3. Log in to Metaquotes and select "Signals"-> "Widgets"-> "Get a widget code". ...

OANDA swap corruption continues

I posted about OANDA's swap breakage this spring, but after three months it has not been improved and I have to keep paying interest rates even though I am shorting Yordol orz . Since EUR interest rate <USD interest rate, think normally ...

Yurodor which is hard to break 1.08

・ EURUSD The Greek problem seems to have settled down, and the focus of the next market is the interest rate hike in dollars. It is. Moreover, when you look at the daily foot, it ’s rebounded…

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