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Automatic trading software (EA) exclusively for GBP / JPY (GBPJPY) is performing well (profit of about 480 pips)

Recently, the automatic trading software (EA) exclusively for GBP JPY (GBPJPY) settled on the weekend is performing well (profit of 480 pips). YumokinVOL_ExitATR

YumokinVOL Strategy XNUMX Package

YumokinVOL Strategy offers the following two points at a great package price. It is cheaper than purchasing it separately.

The pound-yen exchange rate has moved greatly (up about 400pips in a short time).

This week, the pound yen moved a lot. Analyze how each EA moved. YumokinVOL2019

"YumokinVOL2019" strategy 2019 year 11 month trade commentary

September / October and the Pound-yen exchange rate was rough, so the November trade chances were rare. In Axiory's production account, I took 27 day position and secured a profit of about 100pis.

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Verification when the number of trades of “YumokinVOL2019” is increased

“YumokinVOL2019” is a swing trade, so it is designed to be entered only when a trade opportunity comes, and there may be traders who feel unsatisfactory with only a few trades per month. Therefore, some internal parameters are disclosed so that the number of trades can be increased. However, the risk increases accordingly.

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YumokinVOL2019 As a result of improving tuning to a strong setting in recent years, 2005-2019 is a plus! ! !

Using Alpari data, tuning has been improved to a strong setting in recent years (plus in 2019).

YumokinVOL2019 "Mild compound function" free version upgrade was carried out.

YumokinVOL2019 is now able to have a compound interest function for each of the following positions. Number of Buy Lots in the 1st Position--Number of Sell Lots in the 11th Position--Number of Buy Lots in the 22nd Position (Doten)--Number of Sell Lots in the 32nd Position (Doten)-4 & n

"YumokinVOL2019" forward test results

Broker: Axiory, Operating currency: Yen

Added function to payment support (to finish after N candles from entry)

An example of adding functions to payment support (after completing N candles from entry) I would like to make a payment in 1 hour candlestick and 5 (5 hours later) after entry. ● Parameter TejimaiPattern = 5 (to finish after N candles from entry) PassCandle = 10 (elapsed candlestick used for judgment)

Nikkei average CFD automated trading

A user asked if Nikkei average could be automated using "Payment Support-kun PRO". It is possible to use "Axiory" broker, so reference examples

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