[Yumokin VOL set] EA that makes a profit even with a real account

Since it is an EA that plays an active part in the trend market, in the range market, you may repeatedly win and lose, and you may run out of numbness.

[Box Breakout Ordering] Addition of Doten function

Box breakout order support using MACD+ADX. "I got out of the box, but I cheated and broke in the opposite direction."

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[Trend line breakout order you] Addition of average bar filter and Nikkei average bar filter

4. Strategy outline ・Trend line breakout using ZIGZAG (set the corresponding indicator to MTXNUMX). ・In the case of resistance (red), draw only the downward trend line (because it is a break and an entry to buy). ・For support (blue), draw only the upward trend line (break from top to bottom and sell

[Box breakout ordering] Addition of Nikkei XNUMX filter function

The following functions have been added to "Box Breakout Order-kun" (V6.50). ◎ Entry pattern 225 (Nikkei average filter) Read the direction of the market price from the Nikkei average (JP300, daily rate) of the day and apply an entry filter. Trade example) ・ If the daily price range of the Nikkei average on the day is XNUMX yen or more, the box

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[EA Download] YumokinVOL_ExitMACD

◎YumokinVOL_ExitMACD ◎Overview of strategy ・Currency: Pound Yen (GBPJPY)

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[EA Download] YumokinVOL_ExitCANDLE

◎ YumokinVOL_ExitCANDLE ◎ Outline of strategy ・ Currency: Pound Yen (GBPJPY) ・ Strong

Looking back on the trade of the "Yumokin VOL" strategy, a trend is occurring in the pound-yen exchange market in May 2020 (・ ㅂ ・) و ̑̑

Last fall around 2019, we released the "Yumokin VOL" strategy (2019 edition) for loss-only profits exclusively for the pound and yen. Around the fall of 2019, due to a trend in the pound-yen exchange rate, we made a big profit decision about XNUMXpis in one trade ((XNUMX) below). However, then the phase

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Differences between Yumokin VOL Strategy Editions and Back Test List (2005-2019)

We have compiled a list of backtests (2005-2019) and the differences between each edition of Yumokin VOL Strategy, so please refer to those who are interested.

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Automatic trading software (EA) exclusively for GBP / JPY (GBPJPY) is performing well (profit of about 480 pips)

Recently, the automatic trading software (EA) exclusively for GBP JPY (GBPJPY) settled on the weekend is performing well (profit of 480 pips). YumokinVOL_ExitATR

YumokinVOL Strategy XNUMX Package

YumokinVOL Strategy offers the following two points at a great package price. It is cheaper than purchasing it separately.

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