Reason and logic to get 600pips with one blow Pound yen EA `` YumokinVOL2019 ''

Profit determination is 0 set, so if a trend comes out, infinite profit is provided.

"Payment Support-kun PRO" version upgrade (V7.00)

◎ Modified contents Added trailing stop mode

"EA Stop-kun (Box Breakout Judgment)" version up

Market judgment indicator. Judge trend / range market price from box breakout and automate EA start / stop. ◎ Strategy Overview MT4 depending on whether the currency price is inside or outside the box

EA sales site (gogojang) profitability ranking EA dedicated to pound-yen that has won the overall NO1!

Here is an introduction of EA earning with recent pound-yen volatility.

PINBAR breakout order

● Entry pattern 1 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 2 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 3 (entry when all conditions are met) ● Entry pattern 4 (when all conditions are met) Entry) ● Entry pattern 1 (entry if all conditions are met) Buy ①1 front candlestick is positive line ②2 front candlestick is lower shadow (= PinBarRatio)

Observe discretionary and EA positions, and implement VerUp (V6.60) for advantageous settlement “Settlement Support-kun”.

The following functions were added. Add break even stop mode

Peak break mode of "Breakout Sudoku-kun"

Use Boliban to determine the most recent peak value and issue a datum for the systole / discretionary position (in peak rotation mode).

YumokinCCI enters at the initial timing of the pound-yen explosion (・ ㅂ ・) و GOOD!

Trend line breakout order (trend line breakout using ZIGZAG)

The support tool “Trendline ordering kun” has been upgraded after ordering the trendline calculated from ZIGZAG. The function overview is as follows. ・ Trend line breakout using ZIGZAG (Please set the corresponding indicator to MT4). -In the case of resistance (red), draw only the trend line that descends to the right (break entry from bottom to top)

CycleTrapVolATR exceeds 130,000 yen in profit (・ ㅂ ・) و GOOD!

Entry only when volatility occurs. However, ・ If it is judged that profit cannot be increased, it will be settled immediately. ・ If it is judged that profits can be increased, increase profits. It will be an explosive EA (the target currency is pound yen). The pound yen is a murderer ...

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