"GO by economic indicators" strategy

◎ Strategy Overview

"GO in employment statistics"The higher version that evolved."

Realized automatic continuous ordering function for economic index trade (OCO order just before).
The OCO order is repeated for the set economic indicator event.
For example, I think that it can be used for the announcement of FOMC (policy interest rate) announced at midnight.

◎ Functional specifications

1. Read the file (TimerTrapOCO.csv) in which economic indicators are set,

An OCO order is placed at a set time.

2,Break even stop functionTo pursue profits.

3. Breakeven 20pips, trailing stop 10pips, loss cut 30pips (can be changed arbitrarily).

◎ Transaction example
・ USDJPY (2015/03/27 21:30:00 US October-December GDP ・ confirmed value)

1. Put the economic index file under the Files folder.

* The format is date (Japan time), description of indicator event

* After pasting economic indicator news issued by securities companies, etc., it can be done in a short time by editing a little.

2. After placing the EA file under the Experts folder, run the EA.

2015. The OCO order was placed on 03/27/21 29:40:XNUMX.

2015. The economic indicators were released on 03/27/21 30:00:XNUMX.

"The US Department of Commerce announced on October 27 that the confirmed gross domestic product (GDP) for the October-December quarter was 10% higher than the previous quarter and the same as the revised 12% increase. The market forecast average was 2.2% higher. It was weaker. "

5. Because the yen appreciated against the dollar, we made a contract for the sell order. Since one order was executed, the other order (buy) was canceled.

* In fact, I think that it is better to aim at economic indicators that have more fluctuations.

6. The above 3-5 are repeated for the amount set in the economic indicator file.

◎ Demo version can be downloaded from the following site.
FX automatic trading channel

◎ Description of parameters

・ Magic: Magic number (The magic number is from the set value to (number of lines described in the economic indicator file x 2), so be careful not to duplicate other EAs)
・ Lots: Number of lots
・ ProfitPips: Profit pips
・ LosscutPips: Maximum loss pips
・ BreakEven: Breakeven pips
・ TrailingStop: Trailing stop pips
-TrapIntervalPips: OCO interval pips
・ OcoCancel: Cancels one order when OCO order is executed (default: Yes).

◎ Although it has been developed so that it can be operated by any EA-operable company, brokers that are not displayed as EA-operable companies have never been operated, so 100% guarantee cannot be made.
◎ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
◎ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the actual transaction. Thank you at your own risk.

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