If you participate in the metaquotes cloud, you can sell your free PC resources (ノ ゚ ο ゚) ノ

MetaQuotesIf you participate in the cloud service provided by

Since it means that you can sell your PC's free resources on the cloud, I set it up.

In addition, if it is a machine with good specifications, it seems that you can earn about 30 dollars a month.

◎ Setting procedure

1. MT5DownloadAnd install it on your PC.

2. Start MT5 and select Tools → Strategy Tester.

3. Press the “Add” button from the “Services” tab to register the service to be provided on the cloud from your PC.

4. From the “Cloud Network” tab, enter the account name (need to be registered in MQL5.community in advance) and check the “Sell computer resources” checkbox.

5, metaquotesHPGo to, log in with the previous account, and then press the "Agents" tab from the "Agents" menu. You can see that the service you just registered is displayed.

6. A few days later, when I checked the "Payments" menu, I was able to confirm that the sales price was being transferred to a small amount ^^.

In other words, the free resources of your PC are provided to the cloud service that metaquotes is deployed,

Allocated as a backtest resource for metaquotes users participating in the cloud

(What kind of technology is used to achieve it?)

Conversely, if you are backtesting, using this cloud service,

It means that you can borrow high-spec resources from the cloud and perform high-speed back tests.

In other words, metaquotes users' PC resources scattered all over the world are shared on the cloud,

It is a revolutionary service that uses it efficiently as a backtesting resource.

The other day, metaquotes registered users around the world500,000 people(ノ ゚ ο ゚) ノ.

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