`` Window filling-kun '' strategy

◎ Strategy Overview
After the set time,
If the current bar (close price) is compared with the previous bar (close price) and it is open more than a certain pips,
Place an order in the window filling direction.

◎ Functional specifications
1. After the set time, it is determined whether the window has been opened for 20 pips or more.
2. If you opened the window above, sell it. If you opened the window below, make a purchase.
3. Profit settlement is pips near the window filling.
4. Loss cut is 30pips.

* The set values ​​for the above parameters can be set arbitrarily.

◎ Order image

◎ Demo version can be downloaded from the following site.
FX automatic trading channel

◎ Parameter explanation
FUNDA: “0” with both houses (when the fundamentals are obvious, “1” can be set for buying only and “-1” can be set for selling only)
magic: Magic number
lots: Number of lots
profitPips: Profit pip (if 0, automatically set pips near window filling)
losscutPips: Maximum loss pips
WindowPips: Window opening judgment pips (default 20pips)
OpenDateTime1: Judgment date (can be set up to local time and minutes)

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