"CycleCrossOrder" strategy

◎ Outline of strategy (logic is greatly improved from V2.3)
1. Build positions on the fundamental side and the hedge side to pursue profits in both phases.

◎ Functional specifications
1. If a weak trend occurs in the fundamental direction, a position is built on the fundamental side.
2. If a strong trend occurs in the hedging direction, a position is established on the hedging side.
3. No loss cut is applied to the fundamental position.
4. Put a loss cut on the hedge position.
5,Break even stop functionTo increase profits.

◎ Order image

◎ Demo version can be downloaded from the following site.
FX automatic trading channel

◎ Backtest (USDJPY, 2013 / 04-2014 / 03, FUNDA = 1, maxPrice = 100)

◎ Backtest (EURUSD, 2013 / 04-2014 / 03, FUNDA = 1, maxPrice = 1.4)

* For backtesting, convert the historical data provided by FXDD,
In FXCM, it was implemented with the spread 5pip fixed.

◎ Description of parameters
magic: Magic number. Since magic ~ (magic + trapCnt) is used, please be careful not to overlap with other EAs.
FUNDA: “1” to set fundamental to buy, “-1” to set to sell
maxPrice: Maximum price to order. When 120 is set in USDJPY, 120 yen is the upper limit that can be ordered.
maxCnt: Maximum number of positions held
trapCnt: Number of traps to be set down from maxPrice
lots: Number of lots. 0.01 in 1000 currency.
BreakEven: Breakeven pips (fundamental side)
TrailingStop: Trailing pips (fundamental side)
BreakEvenForHedge: Breakeven pips (hedge side)
TrailingStopForHedge: Trailing pips (hedge side)
losscutPipsForHedge: Stop loss pips (hedge side)
WeekendMode: When 1 is set, orders will not be placed from the weekend to the beginning of the week
WeekendHour: Sets the weekend trading end time. Local PC time.
WeekstartHour: Set the trading start time of the week start. Local PC time.

◎ Setting example
If you set maxPrice = 120, spanPips = 10, trapCnt = 100, maxCnt = 50 in USDJPY,
120 yen to 110 yen are trap zones, and the maximum position is 50.

◎ Although it has been developed so that it can be operated by any EA-operable company, brokers that are not displayed as EA-operable companies have never been operated, so 100% guarantee cannot be made.
◎ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
◎ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the actual transaction. Thank you at your own risk.

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