"CycleTrapThunder" strategy

Development concept

  • High-scoring scalping of forward type using Bollinger band and envelope in GBPUSD.

◎ Backtest (GBPUSD, 2010 / 04-2014 / 03)

* For backtesting, convert the historical data provided by FXDD,

In FXCM, it was implemented with the spread 5pip fixed.

◎ Description of parameters

  • FUNDA: “0” with both houses (when the fundamentals are obvious, “1” can be set for buying only and “-1” can be set for selling only)
  • magic: Magic number
  • lots: Number of lots
  • maxCnt: Maximum number of positions
  • profitPips: Profit pips
  • losscutPips: Maximum loss pips (may be loss cut by internal logic)
  • BreakEven: Breakeven pips
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop pips
  • entryStartHour: Entry start time (set GMT time)
  • entryEndHour: Entry end time (set GMT time)
  • CountDownMode: Market order method "0", countdown mode "1"
  • TestGMTOffset: Server time offset value (used during backtesting)

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