“Built-back” strategy

Development concept

Using correlated currency combinations,

It looks like a two-story building,

Aim for profit in either currency.

For example,

・ If USD is strong, EURUSD will fall and USDJPY will rise.

・ If USD is weak, EURUSD will rise and USDJPY will fall.

Utilizing the current correlation of

At the timing when the following XNUMX is caught in the stop loss, the following XNUMX is bought down.

◎ Functional specifications


・ "Long" only.

・ Longer around -XNUMXα of Bollinger.

・ Profitability after taking positionThe default is the center of Bollinger or XNUMXα.

・ No stop loss (provided that fundamentals are stronger against the dollar and weaker against the yen).


・ "Short" only.

・ Short circuit around XNUMXα of Bollinger.

・ After taking a position, profit determination is in the middle of Bollinger or -XNUMXα.

・ Be sure to put a stop loss of about XNUMX pips.

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