MT4 Securities Company's word of mouth (negative)

GKFX (British capital MT4)


Tiger (2013/10/01 9:24 PM)
Affiliate A8.net self-back (Affiliation that you can apply yourself)
For a limited time until the end of August, the usual reward of 8 yen was 10,000 yen,
Opened an account in mid-August.
The conditions for approving the results are that the initial deposit is 30 or more within XNUMX days, and the transaction is XNUMX currency round trips.
No cancellation or withdrawal request within 30 days after achievement.
Immediately after establishment,
XNUMX initial deposits, XNUMX additional dollars and XNUMX currency round trips,
The achievement condition was completely satisfied.
The results confirmation process was very slow,
At last, at the end of September, he seemed to have decided.
Surprisingly, the condition was met but was not approved.
This would be a scam.
I knew it was a self-back this time,
This company, where people do not know, may be doing this kind of thing all the time.
This is unreliable. You should be careful.
I still have a deposit in my account, but I want to raise it soon.
From now on, those who open accounts for cashback campaigns etc. should be careful.
  • YJFX (YAHOO capital MT4)


     TOKORO (2014/02/16 9:55 AM)
At 2014:2 pm U.S. Employment Statistics on February 7, 22, slips of 30 pips occurred, causing severe damage.
Moreover, the damage was doubled because it occurred round-trip with buy / sell.
Why? Both are artificial, 101.500? It was slippery at a good price contract that seems to be. The FXCM running in parallel also slipped, but it was up to 144 pips and more profitable. When I complained this to customer service, I was convinced that I had more than 1,000 pips on the contrary.
The company boasting of system vulnerabilities had no hope of improvement, and it withdrew immediately.
We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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