[EA Download] YumokinVOL_ExitCANDLE

◎ YumokinVOL_ExitCANDLE

◎ Strategy Overview

・ Transaction currency: Pound Yen (GBPJPY)

・ Good market: Market with high volatility

・ Usage time: 15 minutes

・ Technology used: Candlestick

・ Maximum number of positions: XNUMX

・ Doten function: If the market goes in the opposite direction to the position you had, you close the position and do the dotting.

・ Weekend measures: If you have a position on the weekend, you will be closed.

◎ Backtest analysis

◎ Demo version

◎ Product version

Buy YumokinVOL ExitCANDLE Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

*If you want the product version, please refer to the following article (please ask if you have any questions).

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“METAQUOTES Exhibit EA” Introduction Procedure

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