Looking back on the trade of the "Yumokin VOL" strategy, a trend is occurring in the pound-yen exchange market in May 2020 (・ ㅂ ・) و ̑̑

Released "Yumokin VOL" strategy (2019 edition), which is dedicated to Pound Yen

I'll let you know, but I would like to look back on the trade up to today.

  • Around the fall of last year, there was a trend in the pound-yen exchange rate, so we were able to settle profits for XNUMXpis in one trade ((XNUMX) below).
  • After that, the market trend did not occur, and it remained stagnant for a while (② below).
  • As of May 2020, there is another trend in the pound-yen exchange rate, and this strategy is also in good shape (③ below).

Currently, with the default operation of XNUMX lot, the total profit is close to XNUMX yen (・ ㅂ ・) و ̑̑

● Entry uses "MACD" technical

I can't say the detailed entry specifications because they are trade secrets (laughs),

Roughly speaking,

・ If the MACD value is positive, buying pressure is strong

・ If the MACD value is negative, selling pressure is strong

I think you can see from the figure below.

This strategy takes advantage of this characteristic,

When a trend occurs, it is designed so that it can be entered in order and made a market entry.

● Maximum 100 positive specification, maximum loss cut XNUMXpips

Maximum 100 positive specification, maximum loss cut XNUMXpips, easy to manage funds,

It is designed to be safe to trade.

● Doten function

A powerful feature of the Yumokin VOL strategy is the doten feature.

With the doten function, I once took a position in a certain direction, but after that,

If the market goes in the opposite direction, close the relevant position,

This time, it is a function to reverse the position by multiplying the number of lots N times in the opposite direction.

● Effective when forming a portfolio

In addition, in the "Yumokin VOL" strategy,

"YumokinVOL 2019", "YumokinVOL_ExitATR", "YumokinVOL_DayTrade"

There are multiple editions, and the features of each are as follows.

For each edition above,

Since the logic is organized by changing the timing of the entry / exit,

The transaction result will be completely different.

For reference, we have assembled three editions as a portfolio,

Back test (2005-2019),

Profit factor: XNUMX

Drawdown: XNUMX%

It will be the grade of.

Blue: Portfolio

Purple: "2019" edition

Green: "Exit ATR" Edition

Red: "Day Trade" edition

Next is the annual performance. It has been positive in all years.

In addition, the “Yumokin VOL” strategy is a loss-making and profit-making strategy that demonstrates its strength when volatility increases.

In XNUMX, when there was a Lehman shock, we started to make a profit of $ XNUMX.

It is effective to assemble and diversify each of the above editions in small lots as a portfolio.

The “Yumokin VOL” strategy is

・ Forex users who mainly trade in pound yen

・ Forex users who are considering the pound yen as a risk hedge of dollar yen and euro dollar trade

We support your trade life.

A small loss strategy with MACD. Up to XNUMX positive specification. Doten function. Weekend closure.

YumokinVOL2019, YumokinVOL_ExitATR, YumokinVOL_DayTrade XNUMX point package

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