YumokinVOL Strategy XNUMX Package

YumokinVOL Strategy offers the following three points at a great package price. It is cheaper than purchasing it separately.

・ YumokinVOL2019

・ YumokinVOL_ExitATR

・ YumokinVOL_DayTrade

I want to reduce wasted time stuck on the chart with discretionary trading,

Alternatively, we want EA to support our superior entry exits

Recommended for MT4 traders.

YumokinVOL2019, YumokinVOL_ExitATR, YumokinVOL_DayTrade XNUMX point packageYumokinVOL2019, YumokinVOL_ExitATR, YumokinVOL_DayTrade XNUMX Package | GogoJungle

◎ Although it has been developed so that it can be operated by any EA-operable company, brokers that are not displayed as EA-operable companies have never been operated, so 100% guarantee cannot be made.

◎ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.

◎ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the actual transaction. Thank you at your own risk.

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