Verification when the number of trades of “YumokinVOL2019” is increased

For “YumokinVOL2019” EA, the trade type is swing,

And because it is designed to enter only when a trade opportunity comes using volatility,

Some traders may feel unsatisfied with trades several times a month.

Therefore, some internal parameters are disclosed so that the number of trades can be increased.

In particular,

You can increase the number of trades by increasing the value of the squeezePips parameter (default 30, maximum 100).

For an overview of the squeezePips parameter,

Volatility is measured and entry filtering is performed. Increasing it means loosening the filter.

Let's compare the backtest results when the squeezePips parameter is the default and maximum. 

1. When set to squeezePips parameter (default 30)

Number of trades: 874

Profit factor: 1.77

Maximum drawdown: 6.74%

Monthly average profit: $ 146.12


2. When set to squeezePips parameter (maximum 100)

Number of trades: 1144

Profit factor: 1.59

Maximum drawdown: 6.99%

Monthly average profit: $ 154.52 

While the number of trades increased from 874 to 1144,

Profit factor decreased from 1.77 to 1.59.

Maximum drawdown and monthly average profit are not much different.

However, in either setting,

Designed for long-term operation with a return of hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

If you prefer the latter after understanding the above differences, please change the settings.

An EA dedicated to sterling yen with a small loss and a MACD entry aiming at the timing of the rapid increase in currency trading volume. When a trend comes out, it provides explosive benefits. Candle stop function. Mild compound interest function.
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