YumokinVOL2019 As a result of improving tuning to a strong setting in recent years, 2005-2019 is a plus! ! !

Using Alpari data, tuning has been improved to a strong setting in recent years.

As a result, everything was positive in 2005-2019! ! !

The specific tuning details are as follows.

-Regarding the maximum loss cut, the "buy" position (100pips) and the "sell" position (60pips) are different.

-Added RSI Technical to payment logic. If it is determined that it is overbought, it is “buy” position settlement. If it is determined that it is oversold, it is “sell” position settlement.

Let's look specifically at the backtest results.

1. In the case of a stretched 0.1 and a heavy 0.2 lot (= default setting of Yumokin2019)

Profit factor improved from 1.63 to 1.77.

The win rate has been increased from 39% to 42%.

I think that the maximum drawdown is in the 6% range and can withstand long-term operation.

Furthermore, everything from 2005 to 2019 is a plus! ! !

Considering the results of backtesting, EA is expected to return hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

* Actually, the user has pointed out that the previous version (V4.41) is weak in 2019,

This time, as soon as tuning has been improved to a strong setting in recent years.

The following is a back test when all are set to the same fixed lot (0.1).

2. In the case of uplifted 0.1 and heavy 0.1 lots

Profit factor increased to 1.67.

Furthermore, everything from 2005 to 2019 is a plus! ! !

Finally, for those who take risks, aggressively, pound-yen trades,

By using the function that can give compound interest only to some positions, such as mild compound interest function,

Back test result when applied to “buy” of 2nd position.

● When “buy” in the second position is ON with mild compound interest function

Profit factor improved to 2.18.

Furthermore, even if it is compound interest, everything is positive from 2005 to 2019! ! !

Compared to the Gogojang FW test, the “Buy” trade is relatively profitable and has better performance.

We recommend using more “buy” positions and less “sell” positions.


We will update the above version (V4.60) in the near future.

Manual backtest results after tuning can be downloaded from YumokinFX below.


Aiming at the timing when the currency volume has increased rapidly, MACD entry and candle stop function to minimize risk and profitability EA. When a trend comes out, it provides explosive benefits. Mild compound interest function.

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