YumokinVOL2019 "Mild compound function" free version upgrade was carried out.

Because we believe that the risk is too high if the compound interest function is added to all positions,

A compound interest function can only be added to some positions

We have implemented a free version upgrade of the “mild compound function”.

Specifically, it is possible to set the compound interest function ON / OFF for each of the following positions.

・ "Buy" for the first position

・ Sale for the first position

・ Buy 2nd position (doten)

・ Sell 2nd position (Doten)

* For positions set to compound interest function ON, the number of lots is automatically calculated.

In the case of a position set to compound interest function OFF, the fixed lot number is set.

Example: When the “Buy” of the second position is set to the compound interest function ON (risk tolerance 2%)

[Reference] Simple interest mode

By applying the “mild compound function” to some positions,

Profit factor has been increased from 1.6 units in simple interest mode to 2.4 units ^^.

(All positions) Compound interest mode> (Some positions) Mild compound interest mode> Simple interest mode

The risk increases in the order of

For users who want to aggressively trade GBP JPY automatically,

We recommend using the above mild compound interest function.

MACD entry aimed at the timing when the trading volume of the currency suddenly increased. A lossy and profitable EA that exits with the candle stop function of payment support.

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