Reason and logic to get 600pips with one blow Pound yen EA `` YumokinVOL2019 ''

The author's most recommended automatic trading program for exclusive use of the pound yen (EA)

"YumokinVOL2019"It is an introduction.

As a feature,

MACD entry is aimed at the timing when the volume of currency has increased rapidly.

さ ら にIt is a small and profitable EA that has a structure that makes it easy to lose the loss cut using candlesticks, called “candle stop function (described later)”, and has a structure that makes it difficult to lose.

There are few trade chances since the beginning of October (the entry filter is applied according to the volume to avoid the price hike)

Although there was almost no buying or selling, I finally took a position later this week and ended as follows.

The result is an explosion gain of about 600pips! ! !

This automatic trading trade is likely to be said to be a magure (laughs), so let me introduce last month's automatic trading trade sample.

◎ 2019 / 09 Monthly Automatic Trading Trade Sample yumokin20190908_3.png

Why is it possible to make a profit of a blow

It is small when cutting losses, and pursues profits when profits are fixed.Loss and profit designBecause it is.

Specifically, it is designed with the following specifications.

・ Maximum loss cut: 100pips

・ Maximum Take Profit: 0pips (unless it is settled by the end of the weekend or the candle stop function described later,Infinity

In addition, as shown below, we have released it in an optimized state using historical data from 2005 to 2018.

◎ Back test (2005 to 2018)

Profit factor: 1.66

Maximum drawdown: 8.83%

The winning rate is around 40%, but the characteristic of EA is that it can make a profit with this winning rate.

Average profitpips:About 200pips

Average loss pips: about 75pips

Incidentally,For FX users, what kind of logic did you use to get 600pips in a single shot?

This time, we will publish some of the implemented logic.

◎ Entry logic

1,"MACD" TechnicalIs used.

Roughly speaking, it will be entered when MACD gains momentum.

2,Lots of currencyEntry only when.

This is in order to prevent a foul market such as a hedge fund mechanism.

By introducing this filter, the number of trades will be reduced, but entry will be made at a time when it is difficult to lose.

◎ Using candlestickLoss cut up function (Candle stop function

A self-made payment support tool that has been well received by many users.

'Payment support"of"Candle stop function"To say

・「買」ポジションの場合、直近N本ローソク足の最安値付近にロスカットを自動セット ・「売」ポジションの場合、直近N本ローソク足の最高値付近にロスカットを自動セット

It incorporates a function that does.

直近ローソク足の最高値、最安値をブレイクするとブレイクした方向にトレンドが発生することが多い為、 その付近にロスカットを置くことは理にかなっていると考えています。 yumokin20181011.png

By incorporating this "candle stop function" into this EA,

In order to cut up the loss cut in an advantageous direction,

It has a structure that is difficult to lose.

The currency of sterling yen has a larger price fluctuation range than other currencies,

I don't recommend it because it will burn if an amateur puts out a hand at discretionary trade,

To an automatic trading program (EA) that makes the loss cut exactly without feelings

We consider it a suitable currency for trading.

In the future, the news that the UK will pass the euro

I think the price of sterling yen is moving greatly.

In addition, this EA is good at swing trading with a small loss.

In Gogojang, because there is a low correlation with the scalping EA, which has many buyers and large losses,

I think that it will become a balanced EA operation by incorporating it as part of the portfolio.

After starting EA production in 2014,

Many so farEAI've been doing research through trial and error,

“YumokinVOL2019” released this time is

For FX usersThe supportI think it ’s an EA.

MACD entry aimed at the timing when the trading volume of the currency suddenly increased. A lossy and profitable EA that exits with the candle stop function of payment support.
MACD entry aimed at the timing when the trading volume of the currency suddenly increased. A lossy and profitable EA that exits with the candle stop function of payment support. | GogoJungle

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