Boliban breakout order

◎ Strategy Overview

・ Breakout using Bollinger Band (Please set the corresponding indicator to MT4).
・ In the case of the resistance line (XNUMXα), break from bottom to top and buy.
-In the case of the support line (-XNUMXα), break from top to bottom and sell entry.
-The entry point can be changed intuitively by dragging the horizontal line with the mouse.
-Loss cut is automatically set to the opposite support line in the case of resistance break, and to the opposite resistance line in the case of support break.

● Entry image

● Dispersion of risk by pyramid entry

● Select the ordering mode or reverse mode


● Leave the payment to Breakeven Stop

◎ Other

・ Download the operation manual from the following for setting parameters.
Instruction manuals

・ Please try the demo version below.
Demo version

◎ Notes on use

・ Download the product file and place it in the Experts folder.
-Check "Allow use of DLL" and use it.
・ Although it has been developed to work with any EA-operable company, 100% guarantee cannot be given to brokers that are not indicated as EA-operable companies since they have never actually started.
・ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
・ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the use of actual transactions. Thank you at your own risk.

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