Recommendation of EA Fundamentals

Regarding the EA technical logic, back test, and forward test that I am developing,

Basically, “both houses” is the default,

When actually buying and selling automatically using EA,

Considering fundamentals should reduce the risk of drawdown.

For example, if you are currently in 2015 / 01 / 14, the following fundamentals are obvious.


The US dollar will be strong due to interest rate hikes and the yen will be weak due to monetary easing by Abenomics.

・ EURUSD sells

In the future, the US dollar will be strong due to interest rate hikes and the euro will be weak due to the introduction of negative interest rates.

So, as shown above, for currency pairs where fundamentals are clear,

If you buy and sell automatically using EA,

You just have to take a position only on the fundamentals side,

Forcibly, with the “Double-dwelling” mode,

Taking the position opposite to the fundamentals

It can be said to increase the risk of eating a drawdown.

So now,The next EA under developmentabout,

Depending on the situation at that time, so that fundamentals can be set and operated,

The following FUNDA parameters will be implemented.

“Double-sided”: 0 (default)

Take "buy" position only: 1

Take "Sell" only: -1

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