Tips for winning "GO in Employment Statistics"

Hotchan20, a user, gave us valuable verification comments on the tips for winning in “GO with employment statistics”. I will introduce more.

・ Spreader: Real-time measurement by each FXON company, spread data logger, grid line, and video recording with a spread color, and verify later. The gbp system felt that Oanda was strong.
・ Use VPS to reduce the distance from the server. Looking at the logs, you can see the difference at the msec level. Some vendors could not make EA entries at the time of the index.
Check the shepherd's currency today for the currency that is likely to move that day. It is better to have a comment "Very easy to move".
・ After 1 minutes, even if a loss occurs due to a loss, a push at XNUMX minute and a return sale will be attempted.
Recommended for traders who want to enter when publishing indicators such as employment statistics.

GO in employment statistics We aim for profit when economic indicators are announced. Trailing after securing profits. With heavy function.We aim for profits when we release economic indicators. Trailing after securing profit. With Doten function. ? |?

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