Trap trading with sterling yen (CycleTrapOrder)

Since the decision to leave the euro, the British currency, the pound, fell sharply, and prices have fluctuated severely since then.

I thought it was ants that started long trap trades from here.

Using the trap trade EA (CycleMarketOrder) developed by me,

・ The period is from 2016/04/01 to 2017/07/31

・ Price range is 130-150 yen

I did a back test with the setting of.

As a result, we invested XNUMX million yen and got a return of around XNUMX yen (although there was an unrealized loss at some point).

As for pounds and yen, interest rates will increase in the future.

I think long trap trade is effective.


Grid trading. Build one position per grid.
Grid trading. Build one position per grid (square). ? |?
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