Added a function for box breakout ordering

The following functions have been added to Box Breakout Order-kun (V3.80).

XNUMX. Addition of box width filter function

The box width (pips) considered as box breakout can be set.

Users have received feedback that the winning percentage for entry is poor on days where the box width is wide, so a function has been added so that entries can be made not to be entered on days beyond a certain box width.

XNUMX. Addition of loss cut mode

In case of buying, automatic setting of loss cut at a position slightly away from the lower limit of the box (pips specified)

In case of selling, automatic loss cut setting at a position slightly away from the upper limit of the box (pips specified)

If you want us to do this, we have also received feedback from users, so we added a function.

* In addition to the above,

・ Automatically set loss cut inside the box

・ Automatically setting the X percent of the box width as the loss cut value outside and inside the box

It is also possible.

We released this tool about two years ago, and we have reflected the opinions and requests of users so far. As a result, we think that it is a high-performance box breakout tool.

Anyone interested in breakout techniques?

Technical support for box breakout ordering. Trailing after securing profit. Doten function.
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