[Good] CycleTrapVOL_GBPJPY for 300pips

CycleTrapVOL_GBPJPY to be entered when volatility occurs is in good condition.

Get 300 pips.

One of the features of this EA is that entry is only made when volatility occurs, making it difficult to meet the market price.
However, if the first position you take still loses due to the market price,
Furthermore, it is designed to be able to hedge risks by taking a debt position.

◎ The most recent one-year forward test has been rising to the right.

◎ Backtested for the past XNUMX years.

I consider it to be one of the best XNUMX EAs I have ever developed.

Until a certain number is sold, we plan to offer it at a reasonable price.

Entry when volatility occurs. Back test verified for the past 12 years.
CycleTrapVOL_GBPJPY | fx-on.com

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