Investment policy for 2015

Currently, half of the funds are allocated to FX automatic trading and stocks,

Stocks have good months and bad months (anomalies, rules of thumb) throughout the year.

Personally, I consider this a factor that cannot be ignored.

In fact, I realized in XNUMX that stocks were performing poorly even when trading in bad months.

On the other hand, FX performance often depends not on the month but on the range or trend market.

So, in XNUMX, we plan to operate as follows based on the stock anomaly.

Stocks are bullish in January and January. FX trading is usually operated as usual.
XNUMX. In late January, the stock once closed (Setsubun Ceiling, equinox bottom).
In March and February, unless there is a particular downturn, shares will rejoin.
In April and late April, the stock was closed (SELL IN MAY) before entering Golden Week.
In May, May and October, we will concentrate solely on FX trading. Investing stock funds in FX automated trading to double the FX automated trading lot.

In June, November and December, shares participated. Undo the FX automatic trading lot.

In XNUMX, if crude oil prices continue to fall,

It's likely that there will be a Russian shock that will disrupt the economy, so be careful.

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