Promotion of EURUSD operation by CycleGridNanpinScal

EURUSD, the dollar was sold due to the Russian gate problem that President Trump leaked IS confidential information to the Russian Foreign Minister, 5 / 21 is currently 1.12.

In the long term, the dollar with high interest rates is strong and the euro with low interest rates remains weak,
The temporary risk-off due to this disturbance is a trade opportunity,
From here, starting CycleGridNanpinScal operation seems to aim for profit without much risk.
The following are the forward test results operated from EURUSD to 2016 / 3.
So far, we have accumulated about 280,000 yen.
Since this EA assumes 1 million yen operation, the yield will be 28%.

EA that combines grid trade + trend picking + scalping
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