Line breakout order

◎ Strategy Overview

・ It is a support tool that places an order at the timing when the set support line and resistance line are broken out (a limit order is placed if the condition is met).
In addition, line breakout in one direction and entry,
However, if the market goes backwards and breaks in the opposite direction, it is possible to have positions in both the support line entry and the registry line entry (dent function).

◎ Order image

-Place an order in the direction of the breakout of the set support line and resistance line (a stop order away from the current value of the line break timing by trapIntervalPips).
-Filter by OsMA strength + VOLUME size (entry pattern).
・ As a measure to reduce lumps, an effective time is set for the stop order (default 15 minutes). by this,
If there is a strong trend, the position is taken within the effective time,
If there is no strong trend, cancel without taking a position within the valid time
It is designed to become.

◎ Entry pattern (OsMA + VOLUME)

◎ Line setting file (CSV)

* Under the Files folder,
Currency name + linebreakout.csv file (USDJPY linebreakout.csv for USDJPY)
Please create.
And in that file,
109.5, R3
109.0, R2
108.5, S1
Please paste the line information.

◎ Settlement image (break even stop function)

・ For payment,Break even stop functionBy
Since the interest will ride to the minimum profit securing Pips, it will be trailed,
There is no loss of profits when you get a profit.

Technical line breakout ordering support. Trailing after securing profits. Deten function.
Line breakout order

Line breakout order |

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