CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY responded to the news "UK, 6 Mon 8 day general election"

The other day, in order to reaffirm the EU's withdrawal from the public, Prime Minister May of the UK announced the 6 month 8 day general election, and the pound yen moved violently at the time of the news announcement.

At that time,

The following CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY responded and took a position and confirmed a big profit.

* The latest 10 trade results: 8 wins and 2 losses

Because it is designed to enter the market volatility (when the price moves greatly)

There are not many entries,

The operation has started in July of last year, but it is rising.

As for the above EA, because it is designed to be small and profitable,

In the range market, you win or lose,

After all, if a trend comes out, it will make a big profit.

Also, since the back test has been verified for the past 12 years,

We think that it is hard to lose if we operate for a long term.

Entry when volatility occurs. Back test verified for the past 12 years.
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