Entry pattern added to “Box Breakout Order-kun”

2017 / 03 / 16 night, as shown below, it seems that there was a sharp rise in the pound yen, but the purchaser contacted us that he did not enter for the technical combination (OsMA + ADX) so far.

This is probably because ADX Technical was not able to cope with the sudden rise (the entry condition is that it rises to the right between the threshold values ​​of 20 to 50) as shown in the pink area in the figure below.

◎ Entry pattern 1 (OsMA + ADX, technical combination so far)

Therefore, we decided to add an entry pattern for the OsMA + Volume technical combination that would be able to cope with the sudden rise.

◎ Entry pattern 2 (OsMA + Volume)

This OsMA + Volume technical combination may be able to handle events such as employment statistics.

2017 / 03 / 17, upgraded to be able to select from the above two entry patterns (V3.40).

Box breakout ordering support using OsMA and ADX. Trailing after securing profits. Deten function.
Box breakout order
Box breakout order | fx-on.com

3 points package of GO, payment support kun PRO, box breakout order kun in employment statistics
FX trade support 3 point package
FX Trade Support 3-Point Package | fx-on.com

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