CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY exceeds total profit of 100,000 yen ^^

This week, a trend came out in the pound yen later in the week,

An entry occurs in CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY,

The total profit exceeded 100,000 yen as follows ^^.


As a feature of this strategy,
・ Entry when volatility occurs. Back test verified for the past 12 years.
-Transaction currency: GBP / JPY
-Trading style: Day trading
・ Usage time: 15 minutes
・ Entry hours: 15: 00-25: 00 (Japan time)
・ Maximum number of positions: 2 (the second is a reverse position)
・ Take profit: It varies depending on the internal logic. ~ 300pips.
・ Loss cut: Varies depending on the internal logic. ~ 100pips.
・ No entry on the weekend (Friday).


The back test has been verified with historical data for the past 12 years (2005-2016) as shown below.


Until the number of users increases to some extent, we will offer at the campaign price.


◎ CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY (about 9800 yen per bottle)

Entry when volatility occurs. Back test verified for the past 12 years.


CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY |

Please note that swing strategies are less traded.

The reality is that it is less popular among Japanese traders than scalping strategies.

However, personally, I think that swings with profits and losses can make a total profit rather than scalping with profits and losses (because we think so, only swing systems have been developed so far) not).

So this time, to solve the above dilemma,

If you use a combination of swing strategies with different logic,

Swing eliminates the disadvantage of low entry frequency,

In addition, we will complement each strategy to complement each other and bring them in total.

Based on the idea, we also released the product in the following package.

Please refer if you are interested.


◎ GBPJPY Systre 3-point package (about 4900 yen per bottle)

Mutual complementation effect through portfolio management. Back test verified for the past 12 years.
GBPJPY systre 3-point package
GBPJPY Systre 3-Point Package |
We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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