CycleTrapGBPJPY forward test measurement started

Specializing in GBPJPY, we started a forward test of CycleTrapGBPJPY combining the following different strategies.

・ CycleTrapScalper (15-minute strategy using a moving average)

・ CycleTrapImpulse2 (15-minute strategy using ElderImpulse technical)

・ CycleTrapVOL (15-minute strategy to be entered when volatility occurs)

・ CycleTrapCCI2 (1 hour strategy using CCI technical)

・ CycleTrapAsianBreak3 (1 hour strategy aimed at box breakout)

This week, of the above five strategies,

Four signals light up, and you have a good 4 consecutive wins ^^.

The above strategies can be purchased at the following site.

◎ Metaquartz

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