GBPJPY systre 3-point package

Of the strategies we have released so far
"CycleTrapImpulse2", "CycleTrapVolatility", "CycleTrapAsianBreak3"
Is offered at a reasonable package price.
It is cheaper than buying it separately.

Recommended for those who have started MT4 Systre but don't know what strategy to collect.
In particular, for any strategy,Break even stop functionIs implemented,
Since the interest will ride to the minimum profit securing Pips, it will be trailed,
There is no loss of profits when you get a profit.
See the links below for details on each strategy.

A trend-following EA that uses the “ElderImpulse” technology and is profitable. The 2nd position is on the road.
CycleTrapImpulse2_GBPJPY | Entry when volatility occurs. Back test verified for the past 12 years.
CycleTrapVolatility_GBPJPY | Asian box breakout EA. The 2nd position is on the road.
CycleTrapAsianBreak3_GBPJPY |

◎ Forward test results

GBPJPY systre 3-point package
GBPJPY Systre 3-Point Package |

◎ Notes on use

・ It is recommended to use it at securities companies with narrow spreads (Axiory, FXCM JAPAN, OANDA recommended).
・ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
・ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the use of actual transactions. Thank you at your own risk.

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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