Released "CycleTrapImpulse2" strategy.

ElderImpulse has released a strategy using technology.

This technical is the same technology developed by Dr. Elder, who developed a very famous strategy called ThirddBrainFx.

This time, I developed the “CycleTrapElderImpulse2” strategy by interpreting the above technical. The features of this strategy are as follows.

・ A trend-following EA that uses the “ElderImpulse” technology.
・ GBP / JPY 15 minutes only.
・ Trade time tends to be trendy from 15:00 to 26:00 (can be changed).
・ The maximum number of positions is 2 (the second position is a turnaround, so it is a double lot).
・ Maximum loss cut is 100pips (closed by internal logic).

・ No entry on the weekend (Friday).
・ No picking up, no martingale.

The back test is below.

The period was optimized in the last 5 years from 2012/1 to 2016/12.

A profit factor of 1.42 and a maximum drawdown of 5.68%.

In addition, the green pointed part in the above figure is the second position.

Next is the latest forward test.

Profit factor 1.89 is not a good start?

A trend-following EA that uses the "ElderImpulse" technology and is profitable. Start trading in the evening.
CycleTrapImpulse2_GBPJPY |

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