Upgraded version of "GO on PIVOT" (V1.50)

Commercial PIVOT indicator support, entry when reaching resistance line
The image of PIVOT trade using “GO with PIVOT” is as follows.
Western funds, etc. use PIVOT a lot,
After reaching PIVOT support and resistance, I think it is an effective trade to place an OCO order.
In addition, this time, incorporating the demands of users who have purchased the other day,
The version has been updated so that the following can be customized (V1.50).
1. Aim for profit only by buying, Aim for profit only by selling, Aim for profit by both
2. Aim for profit only by trend follow, aim for profit only by upside down, aim for profit by both
3. Can set days not traded
4. Trade start and end time can be set (default 15: 00 to 24:00)
* I think that it is effective to use this tool only in European time when PIVOT support resistance works more.
V1.50 updated this timeIs pretty strategicPIVOTCan you trade?
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