Recommendation of MT2 environment construction using Amazon EC4

Amazon EC2Is the cloud (≒ VPS) provided by Amazon.

In fact, I am building and operating an MT2 environment on Amazon EC4 as shown below.

There are the following points that I think will benefit from VPS.

1, The performance of CPU, memory, hard disk, etc. can be changed flexibly.

For example, if you want to start and operate multiple MT4, you can increase the memory to about 4G, and if you want to start and operate only one MT4, you can reduce the memory to about 2G.

If you change these resources,

For VPS, it is necessary to contact the rental server company and follow the procedure for changing the contract, and it takes a considerable amount of time to complete the change.

In the case of EC2, it can be easily changed from the setting screen.

2. Regular backups can be taken (= AMI).

In the unlikely event that your environment is damaged, you can restore it using a backup.

For the VPS that I used before, I couldn't get a backup, and when the environment broke, it was recreated from scratch.

3. By using a monitoring function called Cloud Watch, fault detection is possible in real time.

In the unlikely event that a failure (CPU usage rate 100%, system down, etc.) occurs in EC4 running MT2, there is a function to notify mobile mail etc. in real time, so avoid non-operating risks I can.

Non-operational risk is, for example,

・ ECZNUMX was stopped and I could not enter my EA orz

・ ECZNUMX is stopped, profit of position held, orz was unable to cut loss

This is a risk that can significantly affect the performance of automated trading traders.

In addition, the fee required for operation for one month in a row is

In the general case (CPU1, memory 2G, SDD30G)

4000 ~ 5000 yen (1 dollar 100 yen conversion)

By using a long-term contract (1 year, 3 years) called Reserved Instance,

30-50% discount is also possible.

Currently, for newly registered users,

You will receive an 12 month free AWS tier,

You can also consider introduction after trying various things.

Reference link:AWS account creation flow

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