CycleMarketOrder2_XAUUSD edition

CycleMarketOrder2(Torrippi Motoki EA using technical) was improved and XAUUSD edition was created.

● Features of this EA

XNUMX, Tradepi in XAUUSD at Axiory broker (execute instead of limit and stop limit)

XNUMX. Eliminate useless entries by entering only when a trend occurs using OsMA

XNUMX. Range is long from $ XNUMX to $ XNUMX

XNUMX. Trap interval is XNUMX lot per XNUMX dollar interval

XNUMX. Use break-even stop (break even $ XNUMX, trailing stop $ XNUMX) to determine profit.

XNUMX, the maximum number of positions is XNUMX

* The above settings can be changed.

In Gold, the United Kingdom decided to leave the euro as a result of the referendum held in June, and the Chinese economy seems to be stalling. Against the backdrop of the global economic slowdown including these,

It is expected that the risk-off market will continue in the future, and I think this EA will be effective for risk hedging purposes in risk-on positions (USDJPY long, EURUSD short).

● How to obtain


GOLD edition of CycleMarketOrder2 (Grid Trade). Limited to Axiory.
CycleMarketOrder2_XAUUSD edition

2, free of charge

From the "Recommended Brokers" tab at the top of this site, after opening an Axiory account,

After clearly specifying the account number you opened,

Please contact us.

I will reply to you.

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