Year-end performance of GBPJPY strategy 5-piece set


In June, we made a profit of about 700 pips and were in a great position.

・ CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY

In June, the company made a profit of about 300 pips and was doing well.

・ CycleTrapScalper_GBPJPY

It was a ton and a retreat.



The performance in June was bad (> _ <).

As you can see from the above, each strategy has a period of good and bad conditions.

However, when the above strategies are combined and managed in a portfolio,

As you can see below, you can see that the performance has been rising since 2016.

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The GBPJPY fell sharply the other day since the UK decided to leave the euro.

And the situation of intense volatility will continue.

In such a situation, I think that the performance is better when the portfolio is operated using a swing strategy such as a 5-point set rather than a scalping strategy.

2016 / 06 as of now, 5 piece set with good performance from GBPJPY strategy
[Limited 50 book] GBPJPY strategy 5-piece set
[Limited 50 book] GBPJPY strategy 5-piece set |

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