CycleTrapMACD3_SCAL_GBPJPY wins over 50,000 in five consecutive wins ^^

The GBPJPY scalping “CycleTrapMACD3_SCAL_GBPJPY” strategy using MACD is going well with 50,000 wins over five consecutive wins.

Moreover, although it is a strategy that has just been released recently, it has been doing well for 3 consecutive months.

The back test (2011 / 1 to 2015 / 12) is as follows.

As a feature,

・ Use MACD to make order entries when a trend occurs

・ Maximum profit for the first position: 300 pips

・ Maximum profit for 2nd to 4th positions: 200pips

・ 100pips loss cut

・ Entry is limited to trendy months, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 26:00.

・ On weekends (Friday), the remaining positions are closed at 20:00 to avoid carryover risk.

It will be.

Next month, the UK is refraining from the referendum, and it is in a situation where trends are likely to occur.

Currently, the price is reasonably set at 9,800 yen, so how about one of the portfolios?

A trend-following EA that uses MACD for profit and loss. Set payment patterns for the first and second half.

*CycleTrapMACD2_SCAL_GBPJPYAnd CycleTrapMACD3_SCAL_GBPJPY difference

In the case of 2, aim for mid-term settlement (day trade-swing).

In case of 3, aim for short-term settlement (scalping to day trading).

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