Automatic scalping using Payment Support PRO

In the discretionary trading (scalping), the following trading techniques are empirically difficult to lose.

◎ Precondition

1. The chart to use is 5 minutes.

2. The trading time is from 16:00 to 25:00 (daylight saving time) when the trend tends to occur.

3. When buying, the moving average line must be configured in the order of 200, 75, 25 from the top.

4. In the case of selling, moving average lines should be configured in the order of 25, 75, 200 from the top.

◎ Entry conditions

1st and 25th moving average line is entered at the timing of breakout.

2, 75 days moving average line breaks out at the timing of breakout entry.

The 3,200-day moving average line is often a resistance line, so let's take a look.

Example) Selling

Next, for payment in the above entry, by using "Payment Support-kun PRO",

Once entered, advantageous break-even stop payments (= trailing stop after securing minimum profit) will be possible, so there is no need to stick to a stressful chart screen in discretionary trading, and automatic payments Will be possible.

Systre, discretionary settlement support (multiple positions supported). Five payment modes. Effective for scal payments.
Payment support PRO
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