“CycleTrapScalPro_EURUSD” Loss Small Profit Scalping Strategy feels good

Improved entry logic in late March and set the basic lot number to 0.5

A low-risk, low-profit, low-scaling strategy with low drawdown

“CycleTrapScalPro_EURUSD” is a good feeling.

The main specifications are as follows.
Currency pair: [EUR / USD]
Trading Style: [Scalping]
Maximum number of positions: 1
Number of basic lots: 0.5
Time of use: M15
Maximum stop loss: 5pips
Take profit: Variable by break even stop
◎ Back test
◎ Notes on use
・ This strategy is for scalping EA,
Please note that performance cannot be fully achieved unless it is run on a broker that offers the following conditions.
1. EUR / USD spread is below 0.5pips
2. No restrictions on STOPLEVEL
3, the server is strong
Brokers such as OANDA, FXCM, AXIORY are recommended.

EURUSD scalping with low draw and low risk. Tested for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapScalPro_EURUSD | fx-on.com

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