About the linkage setting points of “Ryujin-sama EA“ Take ”” and “Payment Support-kun PRO”

Currently, my own payment-only strategy

・ "Payment Support Kun PRO"

・ "Breakout on the way PRO"

・ "Loss cut entrust you"

I am collaborating with

"Ryujin-sama EA" Fire "Volume" was recently upgraded to V1.07,

It is possible to work together.

For me, it's my first attempt to collaborate with another developer's EA, so I often make trial and error, and currently, while incorporating feedback from users, I am fixing some strategies. But,

・ "Payment Support Kun PRO"

Regarding, it is possible to cooperate.

* Regarding “Loss Cut Omakase-kun” and “Breakout Sudoku-kun PRO”, cooperation is possible at this point, but please use it after understanding that specifications may change due to adjustments in the future. There is no problem with the amount you receive. We recommend that you test with a demo account for a while.


Next, for users who do not know how to set up linkage,

The setting points are shown below, so please refer to them.


XNUMX, "Ryujin-sama EA" Fire "winding side

(XNUMX) Set to the cooperation mode.

② Set Take Profit to XNUMX.


XNUMX, "Payment Support Kun PRO" side

① Set the beginning of Ryujin's magic number to magic.

When you switch to linked mode, the magic number of the position of "Ryujin-sama EA" Fire ""
Since it will be shaken in the range of 135780001 to 135781000,
Please set the magic of "Payment Support Kun PRO" to 135780001.

(XNUMX) Set break even stop value (set BreakEven to the minimum pips you want to secure and TrailingStop to set the pips you want to track the current value)

③ Set break even stop mode (please select from XNUMX payment modes, the first is XNUMX: normal is OK)


XNUMX, other

・ Start up two identical currency charts, and apply "Ryujin-sama EA" Fire "Volume" to one chart and "Payment Support Kun PRO" to the other chart.



By setting the above, Ryujin-sama's take profit will be variable profit, so you can expect to grow profit more than the fixed profit up to now.


Multi-deal EA * EURJPY 1M dedicated standard version Long-term 10 year backtest verified
Ryujin-sama EA “Fire” Volume Standard ver.
Ryujin-sama EA “Fire” Volume Standard ver. |


3-piece set that supports the settlement portion of Systre
Sister payment support 3-piece set
Settle payment support 3-piece set |


Sistre, discretionary payment support (supports multiple positions). XNUMX payment modes. Linkage test function with other EA.
Payment support PRO
Payment Support PRO PRO |
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