Procedure for automatically updating and displaying interbank order information (linked with

It was linked as a scraping siteKimonolabs.comClosed with 2016 / 02 / 29,Interbank Order VisibleChanged the scraping mode mechanism. The procedure is described below.

1,import.ioLog in after registering as a user (2016 / 12 is now paid for use).

2. Click “Download free app use” in “New” → Extractor.

3. Download the application on Windows where MT4 is installed.

* Or download from the following.

4. After installing the application, launch it,

Click “Start Extractor” in “New”-> Extractor.

5. Set the URL you want to scrape in the URL and display the corresponding screen.


6. Click “OFF” at the top right of the screen to change it to “ON” and enter edit mode.

After that, when you click on the value in the price column, you will be asked if you have "Just one row" or "Many rows", so select the latter.

7. Set the column name to “price” and select all the prices.

8. Click “NEW COLUMN”. After that, set the column name to “descript” and select all comments. Then click “DONE” in the upper left of the screen.

9. Set the PUBLISH name (optional) and click “PUBLISH”.

* End of application work.


Log in again,

After confirming that PUBLISH is reflected in the upper left of the screen, click “Expert”.

11. Click “Simple API Integration”.

12. Click “Copy” to copy the API.

13. After clicking “File” → “Open Data Folder” from the MT4 menu,
Under the MQL4 / Files folder, create a “currency name + api.txt” file (for example, USDJPYapi.txt for USDJPY) and save 12 copies. Also, a “currency name + scraping.json” file (for example, in the case of USDJPY, an empty file called USDJPYscraping.json) is created.

14. Furthermore, a related header file (*) is placed under the MQL4 / Include folder.


Please download from here.

15. From the MT4 settings screen, check “Allow WebRequest for listed URL”

Add “” and click “OK”.

16. After setting ScrapingMode to 1, execute Interbank Order visible kun.

17. Confirm that the interbank information is displayed.

* After that, interbank information will be automatically acquired and updated periodically.

Please note that scraped data is for personal use only.

We do not take any responsibility.

A tool that displays interbank order information on a chart. Supports multiple currencies. Automatic update is possible.
Interbank Order Visible
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