CycleTrapAsianBreak_EURJPY capturing Draghi reverse bazooka

Yurodol ’s movement last night was

After the announcement of policy interest rate by Dr. Draghi, once it fell to around 1.08,

I thought it would fall as it was,

After that, there was a statement that there were no additional mitigation measures in the future.

It rose to 1.12 (a reverse bazooka near 0.04).

To be clear, it is a difficult market.

In such a difficult market,

CycleTrapAsianBreak_EURJPY of Yuro yen breakout EA

Capture the reverse bazooka above,

Japan time 23: 12 long entry to 125.76 and continuing unrealized profit ^^.

*As of 3/11 6:00, 126.50 yen

For traders who feel that this year's market price is difficult, at the discretion

How about adding this small and profitable strategy to your portfolio?

Asian box breakout EA. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
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