Backtest linkage function between other EAs and payment support

The following describes the backtest linkage procedure for what happens when MT4 backtest results from other EAs are imported into "Payment Support-kun" and the settlement part is executed by Payment Support-kun.


1. Create a CSV file (virtual.csv) from the back test results of other EAs you want to link.

See below for the creation procedure.

How to convert backtest data to CSV


2, MT4 to which payment support is applied

tester \ files

Put the CSV file below.



3. Set the parameters for payment support and perform a back test.

* By setting the BreakEven, TrailingStop, losscutPips, and profitPips parameter values,

The content is reflected in the back test.


Confirm that the contents of CSV files 4 and 1 are imported and backtested in cooperation with the contents set in 3.

In addition, since the historical data of FXDD used for backtesting is usually provided only up to 1 minute, MT4 creates a pseudo value from 1 minute for the contract price to be executed in Tick units. Please note that the values ​​of the linkage source and linkage destination do not match.

* In the case of swing EA, the deviation of the contract value is not affected so much, so it makes sense to optimize, but in the case of the scalping EA, because it is affected, so much optimization, There is no meaning.


◎ Additional parameters

extern string SCRFile = ”virtual.csv”; (CSV file name)
extern int TickStoryMode = 0; (Whether to backtest using TickStory historical data)


Systre, discretionary settlement support (multiple positions supported). Trailing after securing profits. Five payment modes.
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