EURUSD strategy created by a Russian female EA developer

If you look at the metaquotes timeline, you ’ll see “Menzo Export”

As for myself,Discretionary settlement support PROI have found an excellent strategy that uses the breakeven stop function implemented in "".

Currency used: EURUSD

Use time leg: XNUMX minutes

In the first place, the break even stop function is

It is a function to start a trailing stop after securing the profit to some extent after the profit has been taken.

Compared to a normal trailing stop,

・ Don't become poor

・ It will not be overwhelmed when the market is like coming

There are advantages such as.

The back test is below.

Profit factor: XNUMX

Maximum drawdown: XNUMX%

It draws a very upward curve.

Looking at what kind of developer, the creator was a Russian woman who was too stunningly beautiful (ノ οο) ゚.

As far as I go around the metaquotes site, there are still few female EA developers in Russia, and it is rare as in the background puma (laugh).

If you are a fan of this Russian woman, how about buying an EA, cheering, or asking a question?

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"Pro Scalp" and "PATRADE" introduction procedure

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