Cycle strategy 5-piece set (2016 / 02) has been released.

◎ Portfolio overview

Until now, amongst the strategies released to FX-ON,
As of February 2, I tried to build a portfolio using the following strategies that seem to be performing well or improving.

2, CycleCrossOrderXNUMX: A strategy for grid trading (build one position per square) when a trend occurs (determined by OsMA and ADX).

3. CycleCrossOrderXNUMX: Strategy to trade the grid at the push and return of the trend (determined by BAND and OsMA).

2, CycleTrapAsianBreakXNUMX_GBPJPY: Strategy to swing trade when Asian breakout event occurs.

2, CycleTrapAsianBreakXNUMX_EURJPY: Swing trading strategy when an Asian breakout event occurs.

XNUMX, CycleTrapCCI_GBPJPY: Swing trade strategy using CCI technical.


This time, the concept of the portfolio created by our own strategy is
"Earn more and more with grid trading that is strong in the XNUMX-XNUMX range market,
Earn money with swing trade that is strong in XNUMX-XNUMX trend markets. "


Details about XNUMX-XNUMX are as follows.

・ Assumed currency: USDJPY (If you change the setting, you can use other currencies)

・ Use time bar: XNUMX minutes (If you change the setting, you can use other time bar)

・ Range setting of XNUMX to XNUMX yen (operation in other ranges is possible by changing the setting)

・ Basic lot: XNUMX-XNUMX
・ Maximum number of positions: Buy XNUMX, Sell XNUMX

-Since the entries are filtered by technical information, this has been improved to minimize the disadvantages of having unrealized losses in grid trading.
・ For settlement,Discretionary settlement support PROThe breakeven stop function is installed, and it is designed to take a certain profit before trailing,
You won't be losing money after making a profit.


Details about XNUMX-XNUMX are as follows.

・ Use time foot: XNUMX hour
・ Basic lot: XNUMX
・ Maximum number of positions: XNUMX
・ Maximum take profit: XNUMX pips (with smart trailing stop by internal logic)
・ Maximum loss cut: XNUMX pips (smart loss cut by internal logic)

・ Transaction time is limited to 15: 00-26: 00 Japan time.

・ Hand-over design that does not carry over the position to the next week.
・ No picking up, no martingale.


As for XNUMX to XNUMX, the logic has been significantly improved the other day, and has been verified for the past XNUMX years as shown below.

◎ CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY (2005 / 1-2015 / 12)

◎ CycleTrapAsianBreak2_EURJPY (2005 / 1-2015 / 12)

◎ CycleTrapCCI_GBPJPY (2005 / 1-2015 / 12)


Next, using the portfolio function of FX-ON,
The performance of the forward test when the portfolio is formed by the above strategy is as follows.

Gross profit / loss: XNUMX yen
Maximum drawdown: XNUMX yen
Profit factor: XNUMX
Risk return rate: XNUMX
Win rate: XNUMX%
The result was given.

Taking the above results into consideration, for example, we believe that a XNUMX yen investment fund will be a portfolio that can be fully managed.

Possible risks are:
・ The performance of strategies XNUMX and XNUMX will become worse if the market becomes trendy.
-The performance of the strategies XNUMX to XNUMX will be worse if the market price changes.
By combining XNUMX-XNUMX that are strong in the range market and XNUMX-XNUMX that are strong in the trend market,
We have a well-balanced portfolio where one of the good ones will compensate if either one is bad.

See the links below for details on each strategy.


Fundamentals and hedged both-sided grid trades that are entered only when trends (OsMA, ADX) occur
CycleCrossOrder2 |

Hidden grid trade to enter the push and return of the trend (determined by BAND, OsMA).
CycleCrossOrder3 |

EA to enter using Asian Box Breakout. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY |

EA to enter using Asian Box Breakout. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_EURJPY |

An EA that enters using CCI. Backtested for the past 11 years.


◎ This time, the above XNUMX points will be offered at a discount price (XNUMX → XNUMX).

It will be very helpful if you can purchase from the link below, because it will be offered at a very low price.

[Limited 50 book] Cycle strategy 5-piece set (2016 / 02)
[Limited 50 book] Cycle strategy 5-piece set (2016 / 02) |

◎ Notes on use

・ It is recommended to use the securities company with a narrow spread (FXCM JAPAN, OANDA recommended).
・ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
・ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the use of actual transactions. Thank you at your own risk.

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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